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    About Us

    After enjoying the rare treat of being adorned with Mehndi for many years, Michele Moorhouse was inspired to take the love of natural, long lasting non-permanent body art decoration to a new level. HennaArt Connection became that vision, a first generation local family-owned business serving New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania areas. Our goal is to share the reverence and peace of this pampering ritual while spreading the knowledge of Mehndi, ancient form of body decoration

    We use only the freshest, natural henna powder and hand mixed paste available, along with lemon juice and fragrant aromatherapy grade essential oils. Our products contains NO chemical dyes, preservatives or additives and is generally safe for use during pregnancy and with children. Consult your doctor if you have specific concerns.

    Henna is NOT black! ‘Black henna’ may have dangerous dyes or chemicals added that can cause permanent scarring or internal damage.

    Our freehand designs can be easily customized, allowing us to create something unique and personalized for everyone. From traditional, to fanciful, to contemporary, our designs allow you to express yourself. We can accommodate events ranging from individual private or small group appointments in your home or our space, small and intimate parties in your home, Mom’s Nights Out, high school graduation celebrations, as well as festivals & public events.

    A proud family business working to provide a pampering experience for your next event. We carry liability insurance for your ease of mind for every event we participate in.